List of Time Periods

Ancient History

3100 BC – 476 AD

Ancient Egypt Summarized


Timeline of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar and the Cilician Pirates

Early Middle Ages

476 – 1000

Norse Mythology ~ List of Gods and Goddesses

List of Scottish Monarchs

Oldest Universities

Alfred the Great

High Middle Ages

1000 – 1300

House of Normandy

William the Conqueror ~ Family Tree

Battle of Hastings (1066)

Matilda of Boulogne

The Anarchy ~ The Road To War

The Anarchy ~ Civil War

Holyrood Palace

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eustace the Monk

Margaret, Maid of Norway

Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland

Late Middle Ages

1300 – 1500

Quick Facts ~ Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent

Hundred Years’ War

Tour de Nesle Affair

Dynastic Turmoil In France 1316–1328

Quick Facts ~ Isabella of France

Quick Facts ~ Edwardian War 1337 – 1360

Edwardian War ~ Background Story

Quick Facts ~ King Edward III of England

Quick Facts ~ King Philip VI of France


House of Stewart

Timeline of James I of Scotland

Quick Facts ~ Christina of Saxony

Battle of Bosworth Field

House of Tudor ~ Family Tree

The Tudor Rose

Siege of Rhodes 1522

Beatrice Cenci

Early Modern Period

1500 – 1800

Henry II of France

The Scottish Succession

James V of Scotland

James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray

Mary, Queen of Scots ~ The Young Queen

Mary, Queen of Scots ~ In My End

Casket Letters

Mary, Queen of Scots Husbands

James VI + I of Scotland and England

Anne of Denmark

Quick Facts ~ Queen Christina of Sweden


Catherine the Great

Georgiana Cavendish

Marie Antoinette

Timeline of Marie Antoinette

Childhood of Marie Antoinette

Dauphine of France

Queen of France ~ Early Years

Children of Marie Antoinette


Charlotte of Wales

Brothers Grimm

Late Modern Period

1800 – 1930

House of Bernadotte

Brief History of Perth, Western Australia

The Bronte Sisters

Quick Facts ~ Emily Bronte

The Ashes

Edith Cowan

Margot Fonteyn

The Modern Age

1930 – today

Marlene Dietrich